Nov. 4 - Kickoff

At 6:30 p.m., the kickoff started with Jean-Philippe introducing himself and the organizers of the CRC Nemolition 2014. After, he raised the curtains and unveiled the playing field. The playing field is huge. It was practically the size of a basketball court! It lay along the length of the stage, and it was still a tight fit. Jean Philippe soon began to call the schools to receive competition kits containing a few essentials to the competition, such as model cubes and the new vex controllers whom resemble a lot to the Xbox controller. He then started to explain some of the general rules of the competition (7:38 p.m.). A few to note in advance is the fact that the ramps leading to the second floor are steep, and the moveable ramp that can be used to access the third floor is cruel. On the first floor, there will be yellow foam prisms of different dimensions. On the second floor, there will be small, plastic buckets filled with 1L of concrete. Finally, on the third floor, there are the beach balls.

After the rule explanation (at 7:54 p.m.), Jean-Philippe opened up to questions, where we learned two more things. First, Jean-Philippe apparently built the entire structure with a benchsaw and a drill. Secondly, the competition name "Nemolition" means "no name construction" since the organizers couldn't really come up with a name for this year.


Nov. 5

Today's meeting took place in Mr. Olive's classroom. After, we reviewed the rules to find out how the scoring system works, because it was, on overall, confusing. After, Eric Artola put on a list of things we should do (Design, art, website, movie, etc.). One of the things was the construction of a model ramp to test the robot with after it was done, so I (Andrew Zhang) decided to take that front on with a team of the other Grade 8's and all Grade 7's that were participating.


Nov. 7

The initial robot design is still indeterminate, so Zack, Matheus, Max, Russel and Alex continued discussing designs. Eric and Nico, because our kiosk theme is a casino (Lower Canada Casino), started on the kiosk by creating a semi circular bar table.

I (Andrew) , Eli, Jamie, Liam and a new grade 7 er Lucas Gold, were given a 40 in x 100 in sheet of plywood Mr. Olive ordered/found for us to work with the ramp. I cut the sheet (using the jigsaw) at 40 in x 54 in and changed a bit of the design to make the ramp shorter.

We found in the box of scrap wood a few long, slightly warped bars of wood that we could use for support posts. Because they had a few fissures in some of them, we checked on Mr. Olive. He said they were just drying fissures that happen when the wood is stored for too long, and they wouldn't affect anything. As for the warp, when they are cut to the length specified, it shouldn't be a huge problem.

On the long poles, we marked the places where we would cut and used the saw to cut the long poles to desired lengths. We cut 2 poles then. For the last pole, I got Eli & Lucas to cut it in order to get them certified for the use of the saw. Cleaned up after.


Nov. 14

Max and Alex have begun the (wood) prototype for the claw that will be attached to an elevator that will be able to move the objects in the game around. They have finished the endcaps and are sanding down the slider poles to perfect their fit into the endcaps.

Shaun, Zack, Nico and Jacob have begun to create a wooden prototype of the elevator that will move the claw around. The top and bottom ends have been finished, and they are in the process of building the clamps that will hold the claw. As for the "rails" of the elevator, most of them have been finished, but they still need to be fine-tuned to fit in the top and bottom ends.

Spencer Alberts, new to robotics, glued different pieces of blue foam toghether to model the different foam prisms that will be in the competition.

Abigail (Abby) , Juliana, Eleni and Thomas are working on the artistic aspect of the competition. They have finished with the shirts and just need to determine costs. As for the kiosks, they have determined what was to be painted and are going to test the primer tomorrow (a Friday), which will be painted on the kiosk walls to turn the material that covers their scaffolding into a canvas.

Me (Andrew), Lucas, Liam, Eli and Jamie have managed to cut all the supports of our ramp model. We then shortened to 40 * 54 inch piece we cut to a 40 * 48 in piece, which will be the angled platform on our ramp. Then, because that piece had to rest on a base, we used the sander to sand one end of the platform into a 67° angle. Then, Jamie & Eli decided that supports alone won't be able to do much, so they took a few more of those poles we found in Day 2 and cut them to become beams that they will screw onto the underside of the platform for support. We only managed to do half of them before we had to clean up.


Nov. 19

Max and Alex finished the wooden prototype and are fine tuning it so everything slides and fits. When they finish, they will check with Mr. Olive to see if it will work (able to carry weights). Once qualified, they will begin to replace everything but the endcaps with aluminium. They haven't included the actual claws themselves in their prototype, but that will be for later.

Jacob, Shaun and Nico are perfecting the prototype through sanding the holes that will be holding in the "rails" and testing their width with wooden versions. When everything became perfect, they cut off a lengths of aluminium that will replace the wooden rails. Then, they finished with the second clamping platform and began to cut and drill out plastic pillar blocks that will keep the clamp in the same position as it slides up and down.

Artolla, Melanie and Spencer took off the plywood art from the kiosk walls of previous years so they could replace them with plastic sheets that will become the canvas for Abigail, Juliana and Eleni to paint on. The designs from Day 1 were redesigned in better detail to find the proper wall and prop placement.

While the wall renovating happened, the other three members for art figured out the costs for the shirts and how they would paint the kiosks.

Jamie, Andrew, Eli and Liam cut out a third platform that will represent the second floor of the arena to find out how the robot will behave after it has ascended the ramp. They decided that our current number of supports won't be enough, so they cut three more slanted supports for the ramp platform. After, they managed to screw in half of the support beams for the ramp platform. They are not all the same height, so some of the were off the base. They still have yet to screw the base onto the supports so everything is secure.

At the end, the Grade 10's brought in popcorn. We cleaned up and then left after getting a handful.


Nov. 21

Max and Alex have begun on the final aluminium version of the claw. They first made new endcaps and the holes fitting the new, shiny aluminium slider poles. The rest of the time, they fine tuned the holes and poles so they fit.

The work on removing the old kiosk paintings continue! This time, Artolla, Melanie and Matheus managed to remove everything and begin to put on the new plastic covers. However, the sheets ordered were slightly too big for one section of the kiosk wall, so construction has slowed somewhat because of the cutting and screwing needed.

Zack, Jacob, Shaun and Russel tested the holder for the elevator by installing the new aluminium "rails" and sliding the clamping platforms up an down. The new problem is that the rails are slightly bent, and the clamping platforms won't be able to slide smoothly unless something is done. The rest of the time, they tried to figure out ways to solve this problem.

Jamie, Eli, Liam and Andrew worked on the ramp, and managed to finally screw in all of the posts needed to support the ramp. Because of the alarming unevenness between supports, they decided to create spacers. Will test tomorrow using trigonometry to see if ramp construction was correct. During the spacer creation, Andrew labeled them with different names with the pole they were going to be attached to.


Nov. 26

Another day working with the ramp. We managed to screw in the last of the ramp supports, however, Andrew decided that only 9 supports weren't enough. So 3 more supports had to be cut out from the long wooden poles we found in the scrap pile, shortened according to their would-be placement on the ramp and then finally screwed in. We managed to screw in 2 of them before time ran out, and we had to clean up.

Alex and Max have finished perfecting and testing out the wooden prototype of the claw part of our robot. Today, they will be starting on the final, aluminium version of the claw. At the end of today, they have finished drilling out new endcaps and fine-tuning them into the shiny aluminium poles that will carry the moving part of the claw. Next time, they will be putting on the actual claw parts and drilling out a plastic slider.

Zack, Shaun, Jamie and Jacob are still discussing ways to solve the problem of the slider not being able to move smoothly up and down the rails easily. However, in the mean time, Jamie will be helping them continue the construction by drilling and cutting out plastic squares with holes in them to keep the slider level when it will move up and down the rails. The holes need a bit of fine tuning though, and Jamie spent the rest of the time drilling out the perfect cubes for the slider. As a refresher, Shaun and Jacob went ahead to finish the slider before going back to construction.

For the art part of this time, work on removing the old paintings off the old kiosk murals has begun. Justin, Melanie, Matheus, Russell and Eric had to go through a few trials before only a few paintings could be removed. First of all, there was the need to move a 12 ft by 5 ft mural to somewhere safe to work. Then, the team needed to remove the nails that secured the plywood canvas. Next, the plywood had to be ripped off the mural because it was also glued. Finally, the glue on the kiosk murals had to be scraped off for a surface for screws. All that, for one wall being ready for holding a new plastic canvas.


Dec. 5

When Andrew and Eli finally managed to screw in all supports under the ramp surface and put on their spacers, we used trigonometry to see if it was built correctly. The posts were too long, and the angle the ramp was currently at is approximately 30 degrees, far off from the desired 23 degrees. So today, they had to redo all the progress they had made by first unscrewing all the supports from the ramp. Jacob had to transfer to ramp work and help us use trigonometry to figure out the correct support lengths. Once that was done, we marked the lengths which we need to cut them at and started to cut. We only managed to shorten three of them before the time ran out, and we had to clean up.

Alex and Max are almost finished with the claw. They managed to drill out the plastic slider that will move the claw and are fine tuning it so it slides well. After a long time, the slider was perfect and they started to drill holes in the aluminium that will become our claws until they ran out of time.

Zack, Jamie and Russel are now all working on cutting out and drilling out the plastic cubes that will level the slider as well as fine-tuning them to slide well. The fine-tuning part, for some reason or another, took a ridiculous amount of time to do. The group was still thinking of ways to either hold the rails perfectly straight so the slider can move freely.

As for the others, all who couldn't find a job with the robot continued to remove the walls off the kiosk. Today, they managed to remove only 2 more but because the plastic sheets that they ordered had come in, they also managed to cut a few rectangles and got ready to screw them into the empty kiosk walls. Eric, because there were other part of the kiosk to be done, also designed the bar, where we plan to sell or give out beverages inside of wine bottles.


Dec. 10

As soon as Andrew, Eli and Liam arrived in the workshop, they started to shorten the posts to their correct lengths. Once that was finished, they took out the ramp surface and base to relocate the places where they had originally drilled in. After the arduous task of screwing in the supports while holding a heavy surface so the posts can be properly screwed in, we got Jacob to come over and see if we made any mistakes again. This time, there were no mistakes, and the ramp angle was, rounded down, 23 degrees. After this, it was clean up.

Work on renovating the old kiosk walls is still coming along. By now, nearly all the walls have had their old paintings removed, and 4 walls have a new sheet of plastic covering them. Melanie decided to lay them out in the workshop as walls so it would become easier to visualize what their placement would be in the actual competition. Meanwhile, Eric worked away at the bar by starting on the scaffolding according to his designs. Eventually, they will be covered by some varnished wood to make it look like a real table.

Alex and Max have managed to finish the claw! At least, as much as they could have. Today, they finished bolting in the aluminium bars to the slider and a designated endcap. They still, however, need to also bolt in plastic grips and install the motor and springs, but because they still need to order the plastic grips and the order for motor screws and springs hasn't yet arrived, they are finished for now. For the rest of the time, they helped with the elevator slider blocks and trying to find ways to fix its ever-persisting problem.

Zack, Shawn, Jacob, Jamie and Nico are still working on drilling out the slider cubes. There are 8 needed for now, and they are at the 4th one. Each one had to have a perfect hole in them to slide well and any roughness in sliding had to be fixed. Right now, the solution to the problem has still yet to come…


Dec. 12

Today was the big finishing for the ramp's main body. As soon as all supports were screwed in, the ramp was flipped upside down for the base to be screwed in. Screwing in the base was a lot easier, so in about half an hour, everything was done. There was still one last thing though, and that was the platform which the robot will go back on after its ascension on the ramp. Andrew started on it by cutting a long piece of wood in half (because he couldn't find wood that was as wide as the ramp and long enough to fit the robot. He plans to cut the platform in half and then add posts underneath so the width of the piece can be extended) but ran out of time for anything else. Because next week was exam week, it won't be approximately 20 days until any thing else could be done.

Because of lack of materials, no work on the claw could be done…

Jamie was the only one here today who could work on the elevetor. He managed to finally finish all the slider blocks.

On the art side, all kiosk walls have now been removed. All there is now to do is to slap on more plastic sheeting as canvas. However, 5 more kiosk walls need plastic, and the plastic is starting to run low.

See you guys after the break!


Jan. 7

Well, I hope you people had a nice winter break, because now, it's back to work!

Alex and Max are getting closer and closer to the finishing line for the claw! They screwed on the plastic sheets, which they ordered and which will become the claw's grips, onto the aluminium claws and tested the current version. Results were positive, but they thought, that to be able to hold onto slippery objects, like the buckets filled with concrete, it won't be enough. So now, they decided that they were going to glue on some rubber tires to act as better grips. In the meantime, they also redid the left endcap (one screwed on with a claw) because they figured, since they needed a place to put their motor, they needed some extra space. After that, they only had enough time to scratch (not enough) the plastic surfaces for the glue to stick on before clean up.

The ramp is also seeing the finishing line. Today, nobody was here but Andrew, Liam and Abigail, one of the people on the art team. Eventually, there was also a new Grade 7er who came to replace Lucas Gold, the ditcher. Welcome to the club, Evan! Andrew had to work mostly alone because Liam was sent to think about what our special/custom piece should be, and Evan was new. Abigail also helped, although not much because of her inexperience. Because there was really only one person working on the third platform, there wasn't too much that was done. Andrew managed to evenly space the wood halves he cut before the break with wooden posts. Evan helped screw in some of the posts to get a feel with the drill while Abigail helped Liam to design the special piece and introduce Evan to the entire robotics setup. At cleanup, Andrew finished the platform, but the supports that will hold it up still need to be screwed on.

Since Zack and Shaun were the only ones here to work on the elevator, they decided to put that on hold and help Alex and Max with the claw.

Almost all the kiosk walls have a plastic canvas on them! 3 walls have been refurbished today, and it looks like there might just be enough plastic for the last 2. As for the bar, Eric has finished one of the bar's scaffoldings and is in the middle of finishing the 2nd one. Once he has finished, he will screw on varnished wood on the scaffoldings to make them look like tables.


Jan. 9

Max was absent today, so Alex worked with Matheus to finish the claw. Today, the majority of the time was spent on roughing up the plastic enough so the glue won't just slide off when applied. The workshop doesn't own any knives or professional tools for this kind of job, so they used wire cutters and straight picks to do the job. About 20 minutes before cleanup, they finally managed to scratch enough of the plastic, and applied the glue and just before the start of cleaunup, glued on the tires.

Eli is back, and now with Evan and Liam, the group can work better. For the next hour, the platform's supports were cut and screwed below the platform. Andrew then went to see if the robot's base will be able to go onto the platform safely without falling through the hole between the platform halves. He came back with the bad news that the central hole's width must be reduced or be completely covered. For the rest of the time before cleanup, Andrew cut out 2 lengths of wood using the jigsaw that will fit along the edge of the platform halves and reduce the width of the hole. The reason why it took so long was because he tried to get Evan "certified" to use the jigsaw. However, they did manage to screw in one of the lengths into the posts that space the halves before cleanup. Next time, they will finish the ramp.

The elevator's problem has been solved! After ruminating over this problem, Mr. Olive came up with the idea to make the holes in the claw holder wider, so even if the rails are bent, it wouldn't affect the holder's movement. Also, because Mr. Olive thought that the plastic cubes they drilled were a terrible idea, he proposed they use PVC pipe sections to replace them. The group went to work immediately on the new design. Before cleanup, they cut out the sections of the pipe that they would need and new holder platforms because they thought they should scrap the old one.

Today was special for the entire robotics team as the shirts for the competition have arrived! They were designed by the arts team, made up of Juliana Yang, Abigail Shine, Thomas Yang and Eleni Skindillias. For the kiosk, there was some bad news. The team has messed up on the cutting of the plastic for one of the walls, and because there was no more plastic left, they couldn't restart. They can only place an order for another sheet, and wait. Meanwhile, Eric has almost finished up with the last of the bar's scaffolding. After a few more finishing touches, he can be able to put on the varnished wood.


Jan. 14

The elevator's claw holder is the main subject to work for today. The PVC pipe lengths have been cut and the wood that will hold the entire setup together has been cut and properly drilled. In addition, Jamie, Zack and Shaun have added endcaps to the PVC pipes to prevent the wood from coming off. They have also started to cut out a kind of support to keep the pieces of wood in their position but ran out of time.

Today, the ramp had its central hole reduced in width as the lengths of wood have been finally screwed next to the third platform's halves. The ramp is now finished!

Alex wasn't here today, as well as Max, so Matheus took on the job. He found out that the glue wasn't strong enough to firmly hold the tires, so he decided to screw them into the plastic. After that, he tested the claw by using it to lift a heavy box of drill bits. It was a success, and the claw is once again done for the moment.

With the ramp finished, Andrew, Eli and Evan have decided to move on to working on the base. Nico has already cut out the wood (48 cm x 45 cm) and ziptied 2 motors in the center of the wood. What they need to do was put on 8 pillow blocks onto the base to hold in the 4 wheels. We plan to install a chain and sprocket drive so all 4 wheels can turn at the same time. That way, even when 2 of the wheels on the robot will go in the air when climbing ramps, there will still be 2 more that will power the robot. Today, we put on 2 spacers on the base and screwed in 2 pillow blocks.


Jan. 16

The elevator's claw holder took on a few more changes. The endcaps for the PVC pipes had been added to all the loose ends and the supports that keep the holder's body in place have been added. Today's main event on the elevator was a discussion on how the claw will be attached. It was decided eventually that there will be pieces of wood extending from the claw holder to the claw's endcaps that will hold it in place. From this, they also found out that the claw's total length was too long for the idea to be firm and steadfast. So they told Alex to shorten the claw's slider rails from 40 in to 30 in. After this, they had to help with a massive cleanup that was happening to the workshop, specifically its scrapyard.

Max and Alex are now back into claw making business! The claw's motor and motor screws also finally came in, however, they couldn't just quite yet fasten the motor on because for the claw to fit on the elevator, its length had to be reduced. Today was mostly spent on doing that; taking out the slider rails, cutting them to 30 in and reassembling the claw. When that was done, they took a look at the motor and screws and tried to figure out how to attach the motor on. It was proving to be harder than expected, and they haven't yet come up with a good idea before they had to also help with the massive cleansing of the workshop.

For Andrew, Eli and Evan, today was really unproductive because they weren't in a favorable mood and kept making mistakes. They only managed to change the side which the pillow blocks were bolted in on because they were on the wrong side, and align them according to the wheel's axles.

Nico, with the base off his hands, helped with the construction of the bar. Eric's bar scaffolding was finished and the varnished wood has arrived, although late into the session of robotics. At 4:50, they started taping the places they needed to cut on the varnished wood, and because it was particularly large (~ 5 meters X 15 meters), they used the table saw, with Mr. Olive, to cut along the tape. It was hard to hold up the huge piece while trying to pass the taped areas through the rotating saw, and they had to work past cleanup (they couldn't die just yet) to get all the pieces cut (it would be really cumbersome to store a huge piece of wood, half cut and unstable). As for the kiosk walls, all of them have a plastic sheet on them except for one. We are waiting for the new plastic to come in so we could cut the right piece and finally finish the job. Meanwhile, Melanie planned out the wall placements.


Jan. 21

Without the massive cleansing of the workshop in their way now, Max and Alex could now completely plan out their complete designs for the claw and its motor. Since the springs haven't arrived and the two think it's unlikely that they will never arrive on time, they decided to use a pulley system to move the slider rails. First, they need to fasten the motor on. It proves to a lot harder than expected. It could've been as simple as screwing them on the endcap holding the static part of the claw, but no, a part of the claw just had to get in the way. Now, they need to attach a piece of wood onto the motor and then fasten the motor onto the claw with the piece of wood. But!! The motor screws to fasten the motor on the piece of wood are too short to penetrate. For the next hour, Alex and Max drilled 2 wide holes into the wood, changed to a smaller bit as wide as the screws, continued drilling out to the other side and screwed in the motor by passing the screws into the middle of the piece (via fat holes) and then pushing them through the smaller holes to the motor, where they were screwed on. With that part done, they only had enough time to predrill holes into the wood and encap for the screws that were going to fasten the motor on before cleanup.

Jamie, Zack, Nico and Russell have decided to use a system of pulleys to move the claw holder up and down the rails. Today, they have finalized the design and are working on the pulley system. The pulley system has 1 motor attached to 2 pulleys through a shaft. Those pulleys will each have a wire that runs from the pulley to another pair at the top of the elevator and then to a place on the holder where the wire will be attached. So far, they have screwed in the pillow blocks that will hold in the motor that will operate pulleys and aligned them according to the wheel shafts. Then time ran out as most of them had to also participate in a huge clean up of the workshop. There is still a lot of work to be done in another month, so keep at it, Jamie, Zack, Nico and Russell!

Andrew, Eli and Evan made some screw ups today on the base. There isn't anything serious, but it was time consuming and if this persists, the base will go nowhere. First of all, we found out that all the time we've been fastening on pillow blocks, they have been on the wrong side. So today, we had to unbolt them and then screw them back on on the right side. Then, because there was a huge cleanup of the workshop that was happening, the plywood that we used for spacers were gone. Because none of the other pieces of wood were perfect, Andrew tried to make a sizable piece by cutting out tiny, thin supports that will boost up a piece that was only 1/3 shorter than the plywood. Apparently, Mr.Olive and the entire workshop passed this idea as horrible, as the mini supports were so frail, a flick of a finger can break them. After scrapping the idea, Andrew tried for the rest of the time to find a way to cut the right spacer out. An idea he took on was to cut from a larger piece the right size needed, but by then, it was cleanup.

Using last time's cut and varnished pieces, Eric, Matheus and Nico assembled the outside of the bar by screwing the cut pieces onto the scaffolding from the inside (screw head is not visible on the outside). Half of the wood needed to finish was installed, and the bar was starting to take shape. As for the kiosk, Melanie is still planning out its wall placement and waiting for the plastic to come.


Jan. 23

Jamie found a motor in the shed and attached it to the metal shaft where the pulleys would be bolted in. Sadly, the pulleys were missing their bolts, so he couldn't quite insert the shaft through the pillow blocks, attach the pulleys on the shaft and call it a day for half the pulley system. He could only do everything but the bolting in part. Since the top of the elevator is still having holes (for pulleys) burned in them, Jamie couldn't cut the length of wire needed or put on the top pulleys just yet. Meanwhile, Zack and Shaun are toiling away at the top. It was time consuming as they had to burn the holes out. They managed to finish the holes for the pulleys before cleanup.

Max and Alex have started on the pulley system. They screwed in a small pulley at the endcap without a claw and screwed in another 2 washers on the slider so the moving wire will be able to move it. They then put on the wire (around the motor and pulley, with 2 ends looped and then tied around the screw holding in the washers), but then after a few tests, they discovered that the wire was slipping. They then decided to use metal crimps to hold the knot (outside the washers) down, but before they could test, it was cleanup.

Evan and Andrew tried to cut out more spacers for the base, but because the tools they had kept breaking or just plain couldn't do the job. This wasted a lot of our time, but there were still a few things that happened. For all 4 wheels of the base to be the same, Jamie had to take the wheels off last year's sumo bot and use those 2 for the base. Nico went to work on the welding of the shaft to the wheel.

Today, all kiosk walls have finished being renovated! When the final plastic sheet was screwed on, Matheus and Justing arranged the walls in a square-ish "U" shape in the place where the scrapyard used to be. This is so that the people painting the kiosk walls (a.k.a the arts team) will have an easy time. Meanwhile, Melanie is still figuring ways to place the kiosk walls, while Eric is building the bar. Most of it is finished; almost all the scaffolding is covered by varnished wood.


Jan. 28

From now on, there's going to be a new format because the old one was said to be hard to read (a.k.a too long). So, here we go!


Tested last time's designs, and found out the wire will still slip.

Alex and Max can only place an order for a chain that will replace the wire.

For the instance, they will work with the elevator crew.


Jamie and Nico were the only ones present, except for Shaun who came late.

Jamie figured out the wire lengths that will be needed to move the holder and attached one of them on. Second length couldn't yet be attached because there weren't any more of those eyelet screws. Placed an order for those. Nothing left to do now.

Nico burned away holes in the top of the elevator for the pulleys. Changed the designs because 4 pulleys, 2 for each length of wire, will be needed for the wire redirection.

Cool moment: Nico accidentally set fire to the sawdust. Put out everything before something serious happened.


Gave up on the spacers because they were tested with and the conclusion was that they did nothing.

Reattached the pillow blocks without the spacers + with new bolts (old ones were too long without the spacers.)


As we were testing the base, we found out the third platform on the ramp was slightly too high.

Andrew then set to work on shortening the posts while Eli worked on reattaching the pillow blocks.

Managed to shorten & reattach 4 and shortened or marked the rest for cutting.


Most of the arts team came today to apply primer on the kiosk walls. (Abigail and Thomas weren't here.)

Some of them (back walls) wouldn't be as needy of primer as others, so they were left unpainted. This was the only thing that happened to the kiosk, as the primer had to dry.

Eric and Matheus are making huge progress on the bar! They have a few finishing corrections left to do before everything is done!!


Jan. 30


Alex and Max spent the first half hour helping other people, as they needed the chain to make progress.

Mr. Olive told them to start making parts that will attach claw to the elevator

Alex grinded hollow, aluminium prisms into parts that will cover the endcaps while avoiding the slider rails. Max helped paint the kiosk.

Justin helped Alex by grinding out the small pulleys from their holders for the new pulley system.


The ordered pillow blocks have come today! Andrew and Evan installed them onto the base.

Used shorter bolts because the old ones were long and the extra lengths of bolt would probably be annoying when we're going to attach the elevator to the base.

Changed the old bolts on other pillow blocks into the shorter ones.

Andrew and Evan put in the wheels and fixed them in with shaft collars.

Nico was trying to fix a broken link in the sprocket drive + trying to figure out how it worked.

Checked with Jamie to see how the elevator would be attached.

Nico ended up removing the broken link. Now helping Eric to edit some rough video footage.


Still burning holes out for the pulleys at the top of the elevator.

First went through a practice run with another piece of wood to see if plans were going to work.

Finished burning holes for the pulleys.

Sized up the base to see how the elevator and motor operating the claw holder would fit.


Painted most of the kiosk walls and edges with one layer of paint. Most of the back walls were left empty.

Eric was video editing the first part of our video, filmed on Jan.25. Also editing the animation part of the video.


Feb. 4


The chain FINALLY arrived today. However, Alex and Max (with everyone else in robotics that day) wasted half their time in Mr. Olive's class doing website stuff.

Grinded a suitable shaft to put on the left endcap to place a gear on.

Removed old, wire-configured motor head and put on another gear.

Started to figure out a way to attach the claw slider onto the chain, but ran out of time.


A friend of Andrew & Eli, Paul, came today to see if he can program anything. Mr. Olive enlightened at the offer, but at the moment, Paul couldn't do anything because the robot wasn't done.

Leveled the drive motors relative to the wooden platform for proper sprocket installment.

Alex grinded out some shafts for us as the sprocket drive.

Removed the wheels from the base to find the places where the gears were going to go. Liam was going to grind it but ran out of time.


Installed pulleys on the top of the elevator & wires of the elevator.

New plan of attack for the motor at the back: because the nuts bolting in the pillow blocks of the base make it impossible for the motor to be installed, Jamie & Shaun will be elevating the entire setup by placing spacers over the nuts, attaching a plank of wood across the spacers and putting the motor on that.

Jamie finished 3/4 of the 2 spacers. Shaun unbolted the pillow blocks and gave them to Jamie.


Didn't work on the bar today because Eric was editing & rendering the movie and its animation.

Couldn't quite paint the kiosk today as the people who were working on it were busy creating the frames for what would be the back space where we can edit the robot, store our stuff, hang out, etc.


Feb. 06

Good-bye, everyone, for this is our last log entry before the submission date of the website! I hope you enjoyed reading about our progress. What's happening later? The Oh-noes-we're-late-so-work-from-5-to-9 sessions to try to finish the robot in time.


Attached aluminium pieces to the endcaps of the claw.

Attached another long,flat piece of aluminium attaching those pieces on the endcap, soon going to drill that into the elevator's claw holder.

Popped the chain to the right length to work the claw, using a too-big chain-popper.

Looped it around motor&gear on the endcap. Works 100%!

Figuring out a way to connect chain to slider to finish up everything.

Meanwhile, Alex helped with the base a bit.

Max helped Matheus finish the blackjack table. (Super easy!)


Grinded, on one side of the shafts of the sprocket drive & wheels, a flat space to optimize the bolting of the gears and shaft collars.

Reattached grinded wheels with gears. Lined them up with the gears on the sprocket drive.

Alex helped us to pop 1 piece of chain for 1 of the 4 places we need them. There was only enough time for that because we, at first, thought it was impossible until Mme. Lalonde intervened.


Perfected the spacer's holes on the bottom so they can fit smugly & flat on the base.

Used door hinges (there weren't any L-brackets left) to fasten spacers on.

Helped with the kiosk, because the elevator needed some redesigning to manage the space a bit better.


Abigail, Thomas, Juliana and Eleni have finished painting the kiosk. They are marking the kiosk with tape to mark down the places where they will paint out, using a darker color, certain designs.

Eli decided to not help Liam & Andrew with the base, and instead, to attempt to finish the bar. Didn't go very far, with only 1 person working.

Melanie, Jacob and, later on, Matheus, Andrew and Eli helped install the frames for the “middle wall” that will be, from the viewer's point, the back wall. The real one will be behind, and the space between will be used for storage, hanging out, etc.

Matheus and Max started and finished the blackjack table today.

Well, that's all. See you at the competition!!!