The only game
in town.



The competition is called Nemolition

It takes place February 20th to 22nd at Vanier College

The goal of the game is to score the maximum amount of points by building stacks in cooperative teams of five.


The objects that are provided for building are foam prisms, plastic buckets filled with concrete, and small beach balls. The pieces provided are scattered along the three-level playing field, and each team is allowed to start the round with a custom piece pre-loaded onto their robot.


The points are calculated based on three factors: which pieces make up the stack, what order they are placed in and what level of the playing field the stack is created on.

Playing field

The playing field has three levels linked by permanent and movable ramps. The first floor holds 5 starting zones and rectangular prisms. The second floor has buckets of concrete and a movable ramp to access the third floor. The third floor has the beach balls.